High Concentration Of Active Ingredients

Supporting claims with evidence

There is a vast range of body care products on the market that are advertised as mild, yet have no practical effect on skin improvement. Saville & Quinn acknowledges the importance of efficacy in skincare and aims to develop products with specific targets, such as anti-oxidation, whitening, moisturising, and eliminating the visibility of acne blemishes and dark spots.

Reflecting product value in the price

Quality is determined by variables other than price and distribution channels, therefore, Saville and Quinn is committed to introducing both functional and distinctive products. When the price is reasonable, it is returned and reflected in the product value.

Building a sincere, lasting, and trustworthy user relationship

Saville & Quinn is proud to follow principles of sincerity and communicate frankly with customers in regards to ingredients, effectiveness and price. A focus is placed on values and products to create a relationship of mutual trust between business and consumer.

“High concentrations of active ingredients

to restore the confidence

in beauty among our customers”

Ingredients and Formulas